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Sr. No. Title Teacher Date Course Download lecture
1 DAVID COPPERFIELD: COMPLETE BOOK /B.A. PART 2 Sri Sanjay Kumar 2020-08-01 B.A. Part 2
2 THE VICTORIAN AGE: AN INTRODUCTION Mr. Sarban Bandyopadhyay 2020-05-08 B.A. part I
3 THE ROMANTIC AGE: AN INTRODUCTION Mr. Sarban Bandyopadhyay 2020-05-28 B.A. Part-I
4 THE NUNS PRIESTS TALE A SHORT DISCUSSION Mr. Sarban Bandyopadhyay 2020-07-04 B.A. Part-I
5 SUMMARY OF THE STORY THE COW OF THE BARRICADES Sri Sanjay Kumar 2020-05-22 B.A. Part 2
6 RISE AND DEVELOPMENT OF NOVEL Sri Sanjay Kumar 2020-05-15 B.A.
7 THE GIFT OF MAGI BY O.HENRY Sri Sanjay Kumar 2020-05-08 B.A.
8 LYCIDAS BY JOHN MILTON Sri Sanjay Kumar 2020-05-01 B.A.
9 DEATH BE NOT PROUD Sri Sanjay Kumar 2020-04-28 B.A.